Injury and Healing:

Since my rotator cuff injury riding in Guts, Gravel, Glory 2020 I have ended up with several weeks of physical therapy. With the therapy I have been gaining tons of range of motion and strength. This past week I was given the ok to start running again, as long as I take frequent breaks to make sure my shoulder is loose. I have been able to jump right back in running 6.5 to 8.5 miles 6 of the last 7 days. I stop every mile for a 2 minute break where I roll my shoulders and actively do some of my PT stretches using a nearby street sign if possible which has kept me relatively pain free while running.


This week I learned that I have been misspelling the word Weizen. This has resulted in me needing to change the name of one of my beers since the name was a play on words based on the misspelling and resulting mispronunciation. I have also started work on two new recipes I am excited about, a Roggenbier based on Rechtschreibfehler and a Baltic Porter based on a Russian Black Bread recipe. I need to do a bit more research on the usage of fennel or star anise, cocoa power or cacao nibs, and coffee before putting the latter to paper.

I was able to pick up my long awaited kegerator today from my local homebrew shop. Hopefully tomorrow I can get my kegs in it. I got it mostly set up, but I made the mistake of trying to save a few dollars by reusing some of my existing keg/co2 disconnects for my keg and picnic tap I keep in a refrigerator. Unfortunately, the new keg uses much smaller inner diameter tubing and while people do manage to fit it over the hose barbs my current equipment has, it's a giant hassle and I'd rather go back in the morning and just buy the right tools for the job rather than spend my day fighting the wrong tools. Once I've got this going, it will be great. It's a 3 tap kegerator with room for 4 x 5 gallon slimline torpedo kegs and should fit even more of the 2.5 gallon torpedo kegs I currently use. This should let me keep 3 on tap plus have one or more ready to go or possibly keep some cans and bottles in there or even have a small fermenter lagering. Of course, this now sits where my Mother of a Fermentation Chiller previously sat, so now I have to figure out where to put that while in use, which I hope to be very frequently now that I can have 3 beers on tap at once.

Terraforming My Digital Ocean Configuration:

I have been using Terraform at work for AWS resources on all projects started in the last 2 years or so, but have not used it outside of that. This week I began using it for my Digital Ocean VPC, tags, and firewalls to play around with Terraform Cloud and play with Terraform on something other than AWS in an environment where I can freely play around more, see how it works elsewhere, etc. This is also part of my eventual upgrade of the server running this website and a few other toy projects.