Notes for the week beginning on Sunday, 2020-08-16

Blog Updates

Upgraded the blog to Django 3.1 and Wagtail 2.10. In the process I discovered my middleware ordering was all out of whack and corrected it. I also began adding OpenGraph tags. I had removed Google Analytics a long time ago just to do what little I can to stop feeding information into Google, but I did want some analytics, so I am testing out for now. I may eventually just host my own Matomo or Fathom setup. As far as I can tell, clicky is not working at all. The javascript fires, it gets responses back from clicky, but no stats ever show up.


I brewed - which just moments ago I realized I spelled wrong (and have fixed), therefore pronounced wrong, and my play on words did not work. I think I fixed some mash temperature issues and so hopefully am going to have an excellent beer. I ended up with more spare Hallertau hops than expected so now I'm deciding if my next batch is going to be an experiment where I add spices to this recipe for a holiday spiced beer or swap out the wheat for rye to make a dunkle roggenbier.

I finally ordered a new, super cheap refractometer to experiment with using that for measuring gravity. I brew small 2.5-ish gallon batches, so pouring enough out to use my hydrometers is really a fairly significant percentage, especially if I take multiple measurements. That leaves me having to decide between losing a lot of beer or risking infection or oxidation by dumping the sample back in. I currently opt for the latter and have gotten lucky so far. The refractometer will let me take a much smaller sample which I will be ok with not dumping back in. There's a bit of extra math to do because the alcohol throws off readings, but there is plenty of software and websites which will deal with that for me.

Injury Recovery

I'm now in physical therapy twice a week for my bike injury. I will have to do a post about that, but the short version is I screwed up my rotator cuff in the crash at the Guts, Gravel, Glory race. I am now doing physical therapy twice a week. My range of motion is recovering at a good pace now. I have also been ok'd to start running again, although I have to be cautious and not let my shoulder get tense, stop frequently to actively relax my shoulders, etc. I kicked that off Saturday morning with a roughly 7 mile run, doing 1 mile intervals with a 2-3 minute break to relax my shoulders in between.

Prepping for server updates

Weizen The Juice (2020-08-16)I have begun reorganizing my Ansible playbooks to split things up and be a bit simpler. I hope to do this before finally updating my server to Debian Buster. I will also probably set up a Terraform stack for setting up the server, firewall rules, etc. although I could also manage that with Ansible. Doing it with Ansible means just one tool, but I tend to prefer Ansible for actual server configuration and Terraform for more pure infrastructure things.