Style Profile
1.044 - 1.057
1.008 - 1.014
10 - 18
14 - 23 srm
Recipe Statistics
16 srm

Rechtschreibfehler is a Dunkelweizen based on Trigo Oscuro from the book Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer. I took the original all grain recipe and scaled it down to a 2.5 gallon BIAB recipe for brewing at home. The original Caramel 40 and Pilsener malts have been replaced with Caramel 80 and Vienna malts to change the flavor up as an experiment without changing the recipe too drastically at once.

Caramel 80 was chosen to replace the Caramel 40 because I tend to enjoy that touch of raisiny sweetness in my beers and love sweet stouts and tropical stouts. I swapped the Vienna in hopes of adding just a bit more richness over the the super light, crisp pilsener.

The original name was "Wiezen the Juice", a misspelling and mispronunciation based on that which was intended to be a play on a quote from the 90s classic Encino Man where Pauly Shore's character used the term "Wheezin' the juice". I have been misreading the spelling the word "weizen" with the letters i and e reversed for years it seems and no one has corrected my incorrect pronunciation or spelling. In German, the ie combo is pronounced like e as in "whee" while ei is pronounced like i as in "I misread this". So now this beer has been renamed to "Rechtschreibfehler" or "Spelling Mistake"

Dunkles Weissbier (BJCP 2021)

TypeBoil VolumeVolume in FermenterBoil TimeEfficiency
All Grain 4.19 Gallons 2.50 Gallons 90 Minutes 75%
Name Amount Type Color
Pale Wheat 2.80 Pounds Grain 2 srm
Munich 1.10 Pounds Grain 7 srm
Vienna 12.90 Ounces Grain 4 srm
Caramel 80 2.59 Ounces Grain 80 srm
Special B 2.59 Ounces Grain 160 srm
Carafa II Special 0.90 Ounces Grain 425 srm
Total Grain Weight 5.09 Lbs.
Name Amount Form Step Time
Hallertau 0.56 Ounces Pellet Boil 60
Name Amount Type
Lallemand Danstar Munich Classic 0.39 Ounces Dry