Not So Weekly

It turns out that adding one more things that I feel I am required to do each week was not terribly helpful, so these fell off pretty quickly. I am still going to try to do this weeknotes idea, but they may really be more like monthnotes at times.

Hacktoberfest 2020

So it's time for Hacktoberfest again. I know I should contribute to real FOSS projects for this, but with a full time job and two young kids, contributing to real projects at any time feels like a pretty high level of commitment. Instead, I take the opportunity to update some of my own projects which are all open source - some truly intended for others to use, some just my own thing with the code open for others to use as a resource or reference. I believe these are my plans for this year.

  • Django Fractions - I learned a few weeks ago that people are still using this although I have not touched it since around Django 1.8. I did make some bug fixes to get it working on 2.2+ but have not yet put those on pypi. I am going to move it off of travisci and onto github actions, get the latest version on pypi, and possibly make some true improvements.
  • Worrywort - I'm sure it's time for some updated libraries here and github actions improvements. I may also actually add some of the missing bits to the API if time allows.
  • This blog - I may move it over to github actions as well. I also have gotten my UntappdAPI key and so fully intend to add some Untappd data to the On Tap section.
  • Django Mail Viewer - this could certainly use some updates for newer versions of Django and Python. I also would like to redo the UI some and change how the UI pulls in data.
  • ecscmd - This tools actually does more than I really need. I had intended to replace my usage of Terraform with it for ecs deployments. For consistency with the rest of my infrastructure as code tooling, though, I am keeping most of the Terraform stuff I use. I do use this to run ecs tasks and stream the output of Cloudwatch logs to the console, though. I may make a stripped down version of this tool only implementing what I actually use.

I've had some adventures with brewing a new Roggenbier recipe. The first attempt used a completely wrong yeast for a tasty surprise. I brewed it again today and now have it fermenting with the correct yeast so I can compare both variations along with the Dunkelweizen they are based on.