How did I do on my 2020 goals? Hit or miss, as expected.

  1. Stop trying to do so much.... sort of. I did less. Not sure I tried to do less. Any less I tried to do was due to exhaustion and depression.
  2. Be ok with not completing everything. Again... sort of. I was better about it, but it still made me anxious and on edge.
  3. Talk at a tech meetup or local conference - NOPE. Given that those did not happen, I didn't even try to put something together. I still have ideas for RVASec, though.
  4. Run a marathon - NOPE. I Crashed in a bike race in August, wrecked my rotator cuff, did months of physical therapy and have as of December learned that I actually had at least a small fracture in my upper arm/shoulder from that and then didn't treat it right. I was in too much pain to bother trying to train for a Marathon. I also found that I enjoy biking way more and did that a lot more.. which I probably shouldn't have given the fracture.
  5. Create a homebrew porter I am happy with - Close. I made an amazing Baltic Porter in December. I did not really focus on my base Porter recipe at all.
  6. Brew a new style of beer - 100%. I added a London Brown Ale, made an imperial version of that, Dunkelweizen, Roggenbier, and Baltic Porter as well as a holiday spiced version of the Dunkelweizen which are all keepers.
  7. Improve at baking bread - maybe? I'm not sure I'm any more confident at knowing when the proving is done, when the consistency is correct while kneading, etc.
  8. Bake 2 new bread styles - 100%. I learned to bake several new things including Foccaccia and Ciabatta with the Ciabbata baker my wife got me for Christmas. I also learned to make scones and made those many weekends for brunch.
  9. Get WorryWort usable - nope. Did not even touch it.
  10. Play guitar more - nope, but I have hopes. I am feeling better and less stressed lately, so maybe I can start up.
  11. Play saxophone more - another no. My sister got me a new mouthpiece, though. My old excuse was that my 30 year old mouthpiece was gross. Now I have no excuse, so I am going to try.

Now to figure out my goals for this year