I'm not a fan of the new year's resolution thing but at the same time, it is a good time to say "Hey, I'm going to do better at these things starting now" or "I'm going to try to do this thing within the next year".

I meant to post this closer to the beginning of the year, but hey, I'm following #1 and #2 already. I've also managed a few others at least partially already.


  1. Stop trying to do so much
    I'm always burnt out and tired because I take on too much. Things stop being enjoyable and I just want them done because I decided I was going to do it.
  2. Be ok with not completing everything I plan on
    Closely related to above, I need to be better about being ok if I don't do something today that I planned on, and maybe won't tomorrow either, or the next day. Most of the time it doesn't really matter.
  3. Talk at a tech meetup or local conference
    I've got plans for talks to give, but need to actually put them together and do them.
  4. Run a marathon
    I ran the Richmond Marathon back in 2016. I completed it, but I injured myself and was unable to run for over a year. The next 3 years were also filled with having a 2nd child, buying a new house, and my wife had serious back injuries. The level of training to complete a marathon was not reasonable to tack on.
  5. Create my own homebrew porter I am happy with
    Porters and stouts are my favorite beers. I started brewing a few years ago so that I could be sure I always had a beer I wanted to drink available during the neverending flood of IPAs and beers which are not technically IPAs trying to have IPA-level hops. With the same things which kept me from full marathon training, I also have not been able to focus and get really good (fortunately, brewing a beer which is drinkable is easy).
  6. Brew a new style of beer
    I have focused on porters and stouts and most recently a London Brown Ale, which is like a baby sweet stout. While I don't want to jump on the Pale Ale or IPA train, maybe a bitter or a scottish ale.
  7. Improve at baking bread
    This is a pretty vague goal. Basically, I've baked the same 2 or 3 recipes a few times over the last year. I'm still kind of guessing at the appropriate kneading and proofing. I want to be confident in it being correct, possibly have a general idea of ratios for estimating a recipe myself, etc.
  8. Bake 2 new styles of bread
    I want to bake at least 2 new styles of bread which require some new techniques. Possibly a focaccia and a ciabatta. I'd also like to make some great hamburger buns out of one of my current common recipes.
  9. Get my personal homebrewing software project completely usable by me
    Before others had made online fermentation tracking software, I started my own to learn the Elixir programming language. Then I had a 2nd child and that went to the side. I started it back up in Go and have much of the API usable, but I need a usable mobile app, usable front end website, and to put together a raspberry pi to measure and report the data or at least integrate with a Tilt hydrometer
  10. Play my guitar more
    I used to play for hours every day. Now I have two kids and might play an hour a month. I want my daughters to grow up seeing and hearing me play music.
  11. Play my saxophone more
    Similarly, I played saxophone for years and took private lessons all though elementary, middle, and high school. I have amazing antique saxophones which never get played.

Stretch Goals

  1. Beat my previous marathon time
    I finished the Richmond Marathon in 4 hours and 19 minutes. Can I do it faster?
  2. Generate at least a small passive income
    I've got investments in stocks and mutual funds but would like to focus on it more so that it funds itself reasonably and maybe even allows me to keep a small amount to add to our monthly or quarterly income. Not a ton, but enough to do something fun every once in awhile.
  3. Generate income from my brewing software
    I'd like to get my software usable by others, have it Open Source and free for others to run themselves, and offer it as a paid service for those who do not want to host it themselves.