A couple weeks ago I brewed a dark mild with 20% beech smoked malt. The fermentation has gone weird, but the samples I've tasted while checking gravity have been delicious. I could possible go with somewhat less smoked malt for this particular style, but I am still happy with the current flavor.

Blog updates

Several updates to blog codebase:

  • Upgraded to Python 3.9, Django 3.1.6, and Wagtail 2.12
  • Added tags for recipes and batch logs
  • Added storing post boil volume and volume in fermenter to batch logs for better stats and ability to calculate real srm and efficiencies
  • Added coverage checks to my tests based on and added some more tests to increase coverage
  • Improved my wagtail admin page navigation by properly limiting where blog pages and various on_tap related pages can be created. This doesn't effect you, but it helps me.


Baked a rye bread recipe from King Arthur which Went horribly wrong. It was still good, though. I do not blame them at all, every recipe I have used from their site has turned out good except for this one, which leads me to believe the problem is something I did. My dough was closer to batter than though, but grainy... something between super wet sand and my yeasted waffle batter. I had to bake it a good 20 minutes longer than the recipe specified and the middle still wasn't quite done right, but other parts were a bit overbaked and the crust was super thick and crunch. This made it weird and hard to cut as thin as this bread was intended to be cut. It did taste good, though. I'm not sure if I will bake it again. I have other recipes which work out well for me and are just as good without needing to cook mashed potatoes and a corn meal mash prior to preparing the dough.

FOSS Projects

I have finally made some progress on my database storage backend for Django Mail Viewer. I have been planning this for years and finally started it for the 2020 Hacktoberfest. I now have it fully functional, as far as I can tell, but need to write some test cases and may make a few small tweaks. This update allows storing messages permanently in the database rather than volatile cache which allows for some interesting options such as using this in staging and production-like feature branch testing where you do not want real emails to send but want emails store semi-permanently to view.