Preboil SG: 1.037

Original gravity: 1.051

Final gravity: 1.010

This was brewed for a friend's birthday party on 2022-01-10. I had fears that there were issues because after fermentation there was a weird layer of "stuff" on top and within the fermented beer. This was different from the bits of dry yeast which never rehydrated combined with leftover funk from the krausen. It also ended up slightly lower gravity than expected, but not outside of reasonable differences due to temperatures and general homebrew equipment. Throughout the week I tasted the beer a couple times and was worried that it was off, but was not 100% sure it was not all in my head. I brought it to the party with a backup of 1.5 gallons or so of Rechtschreibfehler (2022-06-11) which I still have, let the host taste, and he declared this batch perfect. I only brought 2.5 gallons and the keg was emptied in around 4 hours at what ended up being a small party with 6-10 people depending on the time with many compliments.

Light on notes for this one. Same process as usual - mashed at 152F for 60 minutes. Boiled for 1.5 hours. I accidentally calculated my water for a 1 hour boil, so I boiled extra water at the end to top it up, but still not with as much water as I actually should have. This brew day was feeling rushed and mistakes were made. This also may be my first infected batch. After fermentation there were strange white floaty bits, different from what is sometimes still visible from the dry yeast. I'll find out when I take my first drink.


Yeast was pitched at 64F. It was then allowed to rise naturally to between 75F and 76F and maintained at that temperature for 14 days.


I don't have the back end data on this website properly set up for my current setup where I brew 5 gallons (after losses) at a time but only put 2.5 gallons on tap, which allows for a single batch to go on tap with a break. I put the second 2ish remaining gallons on tap today. This is breaking up 5 gallons of Scottish Light 60/- (2022-05-15).

Style Details

1.046 - 1.056 1.010 - 1.014 10 - 20
14 - 19 srm

Batch Details

Brewed OnPackaged OnOn Tap DateOriginal GravityFinal GravityColor
Aug. 7, 2022 Aug. 20, 2022 Sept. 11, 2022 1.051 1.010
19 srm