This is a C# .net update of the old Space Invaders game. It is currently early in development but comes with two very easy demo levels and then uses a default level system after those first two. Score is only kept for the first two levels, which only contain a few ships each, but you should be able to add more ships if you like by editing the 1.xml and 2.xml files.

The plan for this is to eventually have multiple ship types, including bosses which may be bigger, take more damage, etc. and have power ups for the player such as shields, multiple shots, faster shooting, and so on.

To play just run the game. Use A or right arrow to move right, D or left arrow to move left, W or up arrow to shoot. Use P to pause or Q to quit when you are done.

Please keep in mind that the graphics are not a short falling of the game engine but of my own artistic skills. I am working on getting some improved art for the game but it will probably be awhile still.

Download the game
Download the C# project

You'll also need the XNA 1.0 run time which can be downloaded here.

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Space Interlopers

Nov 10, 2006
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Nov 10, 2006
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