This is a simple OAuth client library which I developed in Scala. It currently supports Plaintext and HMAC-SHA1 signatures and has successfully been used to authenticate to both Twitter and Yahoo and to interact with Twitter's REST API.

import jm.oauth.OAuth
import jm.oauth.Requester

//Getting the request token
val oauth = new OAuth(OAuth.POST, oauthConsumerSecret, oauthConsumerKey, OAuth.HMAC_SHA1)
val requestToken = oauth.generateRequestToken(oauth_api_url, OAuth.OOB)
//careful, different OAuth services return slightly different name/value pairs.
println("request_token is " + requestToken)

//Getting the access token now that you have a request token
/*oauth.generateAccessToken(accessTokenUrl, oauth_token_secret, oauth_token, 
 * oauth_verifier or pin) Since this example is using OOB rather than a 
 * callback URL and Twitter, the user must now to go the url
 * where they will sign in and be presented with a PIN to use in the next step.
 * If using a callback url, an identifier will be included there.
val accessTokenRequest = oauth.generateAccessToken(accessTokenUrl,
    tokenRequest("oauth_token_secret"), tokenRequest("oauth_token"), PIN)

/* Now store the authorized token and authorized token secret somewhere
 * With twitter these will be tokenRequest("oauth_token") for authorized token
 * and tokenRequest("oauth_token_secret") for the authorized token secret

//Make a request - posting an update to Twitter here
val requester = new Requester(OAuth.HMAC_SHA1, TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET,

val postMessage = Map("status" -> "another test")
//response is a byte array
val response ="", postMessage)
Nothing to see here, move along.

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Sep 17, 2011
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