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What is this?

The Internet Defense League is an organization which organizes web protests against legislation such as SOPA which threaten the ability to use the internet and web. This is an app which provides some simple Django template tags to insert the JavaScript and HTML to join the network and help the cause while also providing a per site toggle in so that the templates which reference these tags can be used on sites which you don't want to participate as well.


  • Install django-internetdefenseleague
  • Add internetdefenseleague to your INSTALLED_APPS
  • Add DEFENSE_LEAGUE = True to your
  • Add the template tags to your Django templates

Examples of what the following tags display can be viewed here.

Template Tags

{% idl_popup "modal"|"banner" %}

adds the JavaScript to display the main popup or banner when the league enables a campaign

{% idl_super_badge %}

Displays the super badge

{% idl_shield_badge %}

Displays the shield badge

{% idl_sidebar_badge %}

Displays the sidebar badge

{% idl_footer_badge %}

Displays the footer badge

{% idl_left_ribbon %}

Displays the left ribbon

{% idl_right_ribbon %}

Displays the right ribbon

Released the code on github (actually, did that yesterday or the day before) and created the project on today. Not much else to say.


Nov 02, 2012
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Nov 02, 2012
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