It's the Django based custom CMS running this site. It's been through a few incarnations, originally starting as a basic blog from a Django 1.1 era tutorial. I've seen changed some things to work more how I would like them and added features. For awhile I was trying to have the separate components packaged as installable Python packages. In theory that's a good idea. The reality has turned out differently. I'm not actually distributing these packages, no one other than me has much reason to run them (feel free if you really want to) and certainly not as standalone packages, so now it's just all one project that I can easily deploy with a git fetch and merge. Hopefully this will encourage me to add new features and continue cleaning up things that are less than ideal.

Next up is probably stripping out the old user profile and migrating over to the custom user model functionality introduced in Django 1.5.

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Nov 22, 2013
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Nov 22, 2013
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