Style Profile
1.040 - 1.052
1.011 - 1.014
18 - 35
20 - 30 srm
Recipe Statistics
25 srm

This is a recipe I have been tweaking to get just right for over a year. It is an English Brown Ale with a large amount of Brown Malt and is intended to be just on the roasty side. The name comes from King Julien's coffee stand in All Hail King Julien due to the intended coffee flavors.

This variation of it increased the caramel malts from previous versions to add more sweetness. Carafa II Special is used as an experiment to add some more coffee and chocolate flavor without the bitterness. Fuggles, as are common and traditional in dark/brown English ales, are used just for bitterness and the bittnerness is kept right to the middle of the style guidelines. The color is similarly right in the middle at 25 srm, although this was not really intentional, but just happened due to trying to not go too far with the roastiness of the darker malts while still having a noticeable roast.

English Porter - BJCP 2015

TypeBoil VolumeVolume in FermenterBoil TimeEfficiency
All Grain 3.60 Gallons 2.50 Gallons 60 Minutes 75%
Name Amount Type Color
Marris Otter (Crisp) 3.60 Pounds Grain 3 srm
Brown Malt (Crisp) 8.00 Ounces Grain 85 srm
Caramel 80 (Briess) 5.00 Ounces Grain 80 srm
Caramel 40 (Briess) 3.00 Ounces Grain 40 srm
Pale Chocolate (Thomas Fawcett) 2.00 Ounces Grain 225 srm
Carafa II Special (Weyermann) 1.30 Ounces Grain 425 srm
Total Grain Weight 4.81 Lbs.
Name Amount Form Step Time
Fuggles 0.70 Ounces Pellet Boil 60
Name Amount Type
SafAle S-04 0.39 Ounces Dry