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1.075 - 1.110
1.010 - 1.024
20 - 35
12 - 22 srm
Recipe Statistics
33 srm

This is a partial mash variation of a St. Bernardus Abt 12 clone. Partial mash was chosen for this because it is a BIAB recipe which I do on my stove top and the full recipe was dangerously pushing the weight limits of the stove. The partial mash allows for cutting out a large amount of water since there is less grain absorption and, I believe, no need for the 90 minute boil to evaproate off as much DMS from the high amount of pilsner malt.

Other variations made include using Carafa Special III rather than Dingeman's Debittered Belgian Black Malt due to availability and the use of T-58 yeast because I already have a bunch of packs around. The T-58 has noticeably lower apparent attenuation than the WLP530 called for and I suspect a bit different flavor profile. I used D-90 candi syrup for the vaguely listed "Caramelized Beet Sugar (Dark)" to give a bit more depth of flavor alongside the D-180. I feel like the recipe would have just said D-90 if that is what it wanted since it was published here by Candi Syrup Inc. and specifically says D-180.

The use of T-58 results in a drastically higher final gravity and the malt extract also almost certainly adds some final gravity points as compared to all grain at a relatively low mash temperature of 148F.

I'll be experimenting with other yeasts and varying temperatures of the yeast over time which will be on the brew logs and I may update this if I decide on a consistent, clearly better recipe.

The color on this is much too dark for the BJCP Dark Strong Ale guidelines, but it does not seem far off from St. Bernardus' actual color.

Belgian Dark Strong Ale

TypeBoil VolumeVolume in FermenterBoil TimeEfficiency
All Grain 3.85 Gallons 2.75 Gallons 60 Minutes 75%
Name Amount Type Color
Pilsner Malt 3.00 Pounds Grain 1 srm
Pilsner Liquid Malt Extract 3.30 Pounds Liquid Extract 2 srm
Carafa II Special 1.05 Ounces Grain 520 srm
D-180 Candi Syrup 0.75 Pounds Sugar 180 srm
D-90 Candi Syrup 0.75 Pounds Sugar 90 srm
Total Grain Weight 3.07 Lbs.
Name Amount Form Step Time
Target 0.35 Ounces Pellet Boil 60
Czech Saaz 0.39 Ounces Pellet Boil 30
Czech Saaz 0.39 Ounces Pellet Boil 15
Name Amount Type
SafBrew T-58 11.50 Grams Dry