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17 - 30 srm
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This is the second version of an experiment in creating a baltic porter based on a russian black bread recipe. It is just a very small variation on Russian Black Bread Porter Experiment 1. I decreased the cocoa powder to 2 oz and increased the fennel seed to hopefully bring out just a bit more of that. I had 1 Tsp of fennel seed listed in my original recipe here yet 2 oz listed in Brewtarget. I believe the 1 Tsp to be accurate and so doubled that to 2 Tsp.

The amounts in this recipe are targetting about 2.75 gallons into a fermenter with an assumption of 0.25 or 0.5 gallons of trub and yeast in the bottom doing BIAB and dumping nearly the entire boil kettle contents into the fermenter.

Mash at 150F for 60 minutes, then boil for 60 minutes to account for the lower attenuation of US-05 vs S-23. Ferment around 70F since US-05 is a very clean ale yeast.

Baltic Porter

TypeBoil VolumeVolume in FermenterBoil TimeEfficiency
All Grain 3.86 Gallons 2.75 Gallons 60 Minutes 72%
Name Amount Type Color
Vienna 4.90 Pounds Grain 4 srm
Munich 2.30 Pounds Grain 7 srm
Rye Malt 1.10 Pounds Grain 4 srm
Carafa II Special (dehusked) 0.19 Pounds Grain 425 srm
Chocolate Malt 0.25 Pounds Grain 450 srm
Dark Molasses 0.28 Pounds Sugar 80 srm
Total Grain Weight 8.74 Lbs.
Name Amount Form Step Time
German Magnum 0.35 Ounces Pellet Boil 60
Czech Saaz 0.30 Ounces Pellet Boil 20
Name Amount Type
SafAle US-05 11.50 Grams Dry
Other Ingredients
Name Amount Type Step Time
Cocoa Powder 2.00 Ounces Flavor Boil 5
Fennel Seed 2.00 Teaspoons Herb Boil 5