Preboil SG: 1.066

Original gravity: 1.072

Final gravity: 1.015

Volume in Fermenter: 5.3 Gallons

Mash process:

Mashed at 150F for 1 hour. I believe I have figured out the settings on my temperature controller to maintain the temp within 1F. I needed to set the AttE setting to 2.

Due to the size of the batch I was not able to do a full volume mash and so opted to sparge. I did not think things through and did not actually calculate my sparge water amount and so ended up with a lower OG than intended. I am not sure how my pre-boil gravity was correct and assume I did something wrong or weird.


Pitched 11.6 Grams (1 packet) of US-05 because that is what I had written for this recipe, although the last time I brewed it I seem to have used two. Since OG is a bit low, it's probably fine (I'll find out soon enough).

Fermented at 63F for 3 weeks.


I put this in the kegerator yesterday. It's still not quite carbonated, but it tastes pretty promising. The fennel is not super overpowering like the last version of this, so I may have it pretty close to correct finally. Now I just need to work out my mashing and water amounts to actually hit my numbers.

Style Details

1.060 - 1.090 1.016 - 1.024 20 - 40
17 - 30 srm

Batch Details

Brewed OnPackaged OnOn Tap DateOriginal GravityFinal GravityColor
Jan. 6, 2024 Feb. 4, 2024 Feb. 21, 2024 1.072 1.015
34 srm