• Brewed: Dec. 29, 2022
  • Packaged: Jan. 16, 2023
  • On Tap: Feb. 19, 2023
  • Recipe: Where There's Smoke

Quick notes for now.

Mashed with 7 gallons of water, sparged with 2 gallons of 150-170f water. Lots of water dripping from grains and so ended up with more in the kettle than expected, maybe. I definitely had another 1/4 gallon which could have made it into the boil based on how much continued to drain from my grains after I thought everything was done.

I had a small boil over and lost 1/4 gallon, maybe more. Due to expansion due to temperatures it is always a bit hard to tell actual volumes after mashing until everything is cooled. I seemed to have 7.25ish gallons of wort after sparging.

I used the recipe scaled to 70% efficiency into boil kettle. I am unsure if the high gravity hydrometer I have is accurate or not, so my actual original gravity could be anywhere from 1.085 to 1.089. Based on my pre-boil gravity, it should really be 1.089. My low gravity is .002 low and my standard range was accurate but is now .002 low after I dropped it a bit hard into the test cylinder, so I'm just going with this estimate for now.

After boiling I was able to quickly cool to 67F thanks to the cold water at this time of the year and pitched the yeast right away at 67F. I pitched a full packet of US-05. I should have also thrown in some yeast nutrient with this starting gravity, but forgot to add it at the end of the boil. I'm guessing everything will be ok anyway.


Checked the gravity yesterda. It is higher than calculated. I should have looked more closely at it. It was less than 1.030 but maybe higher than 1.025. Expected final gravity is 1.021. I checked my records from when I brewed the original beer at the end of 2021 and it finished at 1.025 so I may not be as far off as expected. I did bump up the temperature on the fermenter to 76F and roused the yeast and will check in a day or two to see where the gravity is.


Finally got this stuff out of the kegerator this past weekend. It's a good beer, but a small doses beer, so 5 gallons lasts a LONG time. I actually bottled a 6 pack of it to get it moved out.

Style Details

0 - 40 srm

Batch Details

Brewed OnPackaged OnOn Tap DateOriginal GravityFinal GravityColor
Dec. 29, 2022 Jan. 16, 2023 Feb. 19, 2023 1.087 1.028
40 srm