Some day perhaps I'll clean up my description here, but for now it's just my quick, rushed notes.

7 gallons in mash/boil kettle, 2 gallons in separate kettle to dunk sparge. Going with 1.5 gal/hr boil off rate, .3 quart/lb (.075 gal/lb) grain absorption, probably 75 or 90 minute mash at 150F. Used a dunk sparge in 2 gal of water at around 160f and let sit for 15 minutes. Shook the bag around in the water a couple of times. Squeezed the grain bag quite a bit before dunk sparging and after. Preboil SG may not have been mixed well enough and show lower gravity than expected due to having recently had the dunk sparge water poured in, although it had been stirred with a spoon afterwards.

Spilled some while transferring from the boil kettle to the fermenter. I definitely had close to 2.75 gallons, apparently spilled around .6 gallons.

Mash efficiency seems to be up from my recent brews, including last brew of this beer.

Style Details

1.046 - 1.056 1.010 - 1.014 10 - 20
14 - 19 srm

Batch Details

Brewed OnPackaged OnOn Tap DateOriginal GravityFinal GravityColor
Nov. 13, 2021 Nov. 26, 2021 Dec. 21, 2021 1.054 1.011
17 srm