This has been on the list to do for a long time. Since the cherrywood smoked malt is lighter in flavor than beechwood smoked malt I have previously used, I bumped the percentage of the grist up a bit. The smell while mashing was amazing.

My final gravity was a bit higher than expected given the use of S-04 yeast. After a few brews with my new Auber Instruments Cube 5E and watching the temps a bit while mashing, I believe it is overshooting just a bit too much when trying to maintain temps, resulting in a bit less fermentable wort, particularly when already mashing at a relatively high temperature like with this beer. The DSPR 320 temperature controller has a setting I can play with to see if it helps things out.

Mash Process

I did a full volume, no sparge BIAB mash and boil. I added my grains to the water at about 160F and let it sit for 1 hour at 158F. As noted above, the temperature adjustments overshot quite a bit and went to 160F or higher.


I used a full packet of S-04 yeast pitched at 68F. I left the temperature controller set to 68F, so the temp was mostly between 67F and 68F for the first 3 days. Since the heat comes from the outside and the sensor is in the center, I assume my outer area temps are over 68F by the time the sensor sees 68F. After 3 days I bumped the sensor up to 70F and let it sit for about 15 days. At that point I turned the setting down to 60F and let the relatively cool weather do its thing. I got down to around 64F for kegging day.

Style Details

1.030 - 1.038 1.008 - 1.013 10 - 25
12 - 25 srm

Batch Details

Brewed OnPackaged OnOn Tap DateOriginal GravityFinal GravityColor
Oct. 7, 2023 Oct. 22, 2023 Nov. 30, 2023 1.038 1.016
21 srm