I'm thinking about a minor redesign of the site. Rather than having the menu on the left, I'm thinking about just having links to "Home" (or "blog"?), "Projects", "RSS", a new "About", and possibly a new "Tutorials" section somewhere around the top of the page. The projects page would then have a page with a list of projects, the rest would behave basically as is. This would create a somewhat cleaner layout and give me more room to work with to add other interesting or useful stuff like links to tweet, etc.

The other big news is I got a new job! I love Perl and wish I could go on doing Perl dev full time forever, but it's dying and I'm not willing to move around and do lots of short contracts, which seems to be the only way to do consistent Perl work these days. I'm now a full time Python/Django developer. I expect I'll be learning a lot over the next couple months working with larger Django projects than I have been. Hopefully I'll pick up some cool tricks I can use on my own sites.