Doing random stuff with Android lately. Some OpenGL, some work with the sensors, etc. Whatever comes to mind that might be interesting and will let me do something new and interesting. My current to-do list is something like a simple OpenGL 2D game like a Space Invaders clone, a Twitter client (because we need more of those, right?), and maybe an IPv6 subnetting tool.

I'm also beginning work with Python because as much as I love Perl, there's just no demand for it. I'll probably be migrating this site over to Python using Django.

I can't recommend the site enough. You have to dig a bit because a lot of the posts focus on XtraDB and Percona since the site is written by the team that created those. If you can dig or your search skills are up to par, there's tons of info on getting MySQL running fast, stable, and with an acceptable memory footprint.