It's just a few hours until 2018 on the east coast. It's been an isanely stressful year so I'm writing this so that I don't forget how awesome this last week has been and how I'll make sure next year is awesome.

  • Introduced Ana to Sonic the Hedgehog on the awesome AtGames Genesis my wife got me for Christmas.
  • Robin and I watched Star Wars Ep IV with Ana for the first time.
  • Built awesome cars with Ana using a kit she got for Christmas.
  • Found Zam Zam Kabob with awesome family which took us in for the holidays for the last few years after everyone else passed away or moved and had the best chickpeas ever.
  • Made progress on the golang worrywort server and learned stuff
  • Had time to actually read and learn more awesome dev workflow stuff to take back to work.
  • I brewed a Tropical Stout
  • Robin nailed christmas gifts for me somehow even though we're super broke due to planned house buying + medical bills (mostly good ones from Violet!) + vet bills.
  • Discovered Violet is ticklish at less than 6 months, unlike Ana, who took at least 2 years to be ticklish.

To make 2018 awesome:

  • Eat biscuits and chocolate gravy for the first meal of 2018
  • Buy a new house so that Ana and Violet are in a school system which doesn't suck
  • Play more guitar and saxophone
  • Get worrywort running and have a functional mobile app and Raspberry Pi integration
  • Brew more beer
  • Go to the beach and orchards with the family
  • Get my foot fully healed and able to run the Richmodn Marathon
  • Dont be insanely stressed out all the time