I got my first bug report for Django Fractions.  That's awesome!  It means someone uses it and finds it useful enough to report a bug!  The bug was that it was not playing nicely at all with forms in the django admin site (or elsewhere using a ModelForm, most likely).  I fixed it and learned a bit more about Django's internals.

The base fix was to implement the formfield() method on djfractions.models.fields.DecimalFractionField.  That in itself took a bit more work than expected and in the end I stopped subclassing the built in DecimalField because there are just too many things which need to be different.  Instead the field now just subclasses Field, but still specifies DecimalField from get_internal_type() based on the recommendations in the comments for Field.get_db_type() found here.

I have now released v1.0.0 on PyPI with these fixes plus additional test cases for the formfield() method and validation previously provided by DecimalField.