I started trying to post stuff more regularly awhile back.  I did well for a few posts and then it died off.  I am finally starting to write up the promised follow up post to my previous post about how to implement nested changesets in Phoenix and comparing and contrasting that to using Django InlineFormsets.  I have all of the actual work done, but I am now going through my code and cleaning it up.  The current code has a lot of "it works, move on" sloppiness to it, so I have to clean that up, make how I do things consistent, and then test to make sure it still actually works.

In the meantime, what has been holding me up is training for the Richmond Marathon.  This will be my first marathon, or official race of any sort, ever.  It turns out that I am terrible at listening to my body and keep pushing too hard and injuring myself.  Training for it has been sucking up a large portion of what little free time I have, which would have been spent on the promised posts and actual development work and learning.  I've got about a week left where I am resting in hopes of healing some combination of plantar fasciitis and muscle strain from continuing to run hard without letting the plantar fasciitis heal.  I was up to running 7.3 miles 4 days per week and 20+ miles one day on the weekend, which I'm given to understand is overkill anyway, but I like to over-prepare.  This past week I ran two days, both under 6 miles, after taking a full week off to heal before that.  I've had a few days off and a change in medication from ibuprofen to naproxen sodium and Penetrex.  According to the internet and the pharmacist I spoke with (I haven't gone to a real doctor, I know they'll tell me not to run the marathon... but I'm stubborn), naproxen sodium works far better on this sort of injury than ibuprofen.  The Penetrex is some sort of hippy herbal cream... I don't fully trust it, but it came highly recommended by an ultra marathon runner friend, so I figure it can't hurt.  In any case, since switching to naproxen sodium and Penetrex, in just two days, I am pain nearly free and walking without a limp after two weeks of limping about, shambling like the undead.  Hopefully this last week of resting will mean I'm at full health for the race.