I've put about 250 miles on these shoes now and they are great.  Knee pain I've been battling with since starting running seriously is gone and I've increased my mileage.  I wish the forefoot/toe area was a little more flexible and I have some concerns about how the insole is wearing.  The sole/tread has a large open gap down the middle and the insole shows a visible crease right there as well.  I do need to try out a bit larger shoe next time, though.  I am currently using a 12 2E, but after some half marathon and longer distance runs I suspect I should have gone with either a 12.5 2E or a 12 4E, but that is not the fault of New Balance or the shoes.  For us wide, flat footed runners out there, New Balance has done us a favor.  It is nice to have some shoes which look nice, have a variety of colors available, and aren't quite as overweight and hefty as the few other running shoes out there which are both supportive and wide enough.