Alright, so I finished my final class for my Associate's Degree in Computer Science after many years of slowly taking classes while working full time and having a child.  It's awesome.  I decided to immediately fill up my free time by modernizing the code running a bit.  It's still nothing fancy, but doesn't need to be.  I finally updated Django to 1.9, generally reorganized code, added ssl using letsencrypt, and tonight I added django-wysiwyg to hopefully make posting easier and encourage me to do so.

I hope to continue to improve's system to add interesting features and add things to help me post more and make use of the site.  This will eventually include a proper admin area rather than using django-admin, probably, and using Alloy Editor.  I also plan to expand posting to things other than programming... primarily cars, fitness, and food.

I've got some more projects lined up to play with.  I am very interested in playing with Phoenix and Elixir and have a side project lined up there.  I am also hoping to play with React Native and am trying to find something to do with C to rebuild my skills there.  But now it's time to take this free time and go play some video games.