I've begun a new side project. This one might actually get finished and permanently hosted, even. The main purpose of the project is for me to play with Django Rest Framework and more KnockoutJS. So far I'm really liking both. Django Rest Framework is proving to be much easier to work with than Tastypie once I need to break away from the standard. I find splitting the serializers out from the views/endpoints and being able to route by request method to be far more flexible.

KnockoutJS also continues to be flexible and provider cleaner, more maintainable UI code. It has helped me separate by back end from my front end more, with much less need to worry about what id Django might come up with for a field. Combined with Django Widget Tweaks I have found myself able to solve problems cleanly with just a few minutes of fiddling about that I had previously spent hours on and eventually gave up because I just couldn't do it cleanly with pure Django forms and jQuery alone.

More info about the project itself will come in the hopefully not too distant future. I hope to get a few more features implemented for searching and infinite scrolling on a couple more large lists. Then I will play with django-allauth, which seems to be the new standard now that django-registration is at end of life. I've got work, a family, and school, so progress will be slow and it'll probably be longer than I want before I am ready to say more, but things are looking good so far.