There's so much to do right now. I'm still working on that Android XMPP client when I've got time. It's nowhere near complete, but what I have works well so far. Rather than adding more "new" functionality I'm working on polishing what is there already and adding in the little bits that will make it work well such as proper options and the options screen, proper management of the background service, etc.

I've also started trying to do a bit more Python work. I've started messing with the SocketServer class and am reading up on creating pre-forking servers so that I can possibly add a pre-forking mixin to go with the forking and threaded mixins. I've been reading this blog and started looking over his pre-forking code . I have to try not to just copy his code, though.

I've also been trying to do more with Django on the web side of things. I'm trying to think of stuff to add to this site that will be worthwhile. I'm also working on a Django project for work on and off between my "real" work.

On top of that I've been looking at the old j2ee code running and considering trying to tackle that project again and also considering moving it to Django or Pylons since Tomcat is kind of a pain.